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AC Repair When You Need It

Summers in the Boca Raton, Florida area are hot and humid. We rely heavily on our air conditioners and without one, spending time at home can be unpleasant (to say the least). 

We also understand how frustrating it can be to deal with an AC repair company that has no sense of values or purpose.

D.A. Cooling Team has been serving Boca Raton and the local area since 2017. What sets D.A. Cooling Team apart from other AC repair companies in Boca Raton is a commitment to treating our customers with the respect they deserve. 

It is the collective effort of each and every team member (we emphasize team) at D.A. Cooling Team buying into our corporate culture of “do it right, do it better” that has helped the D.A. Cooling Team grow to new heights. We treat your air conditioner as if it was our own.

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At every step, we try to exceed your expectations. Our technical team continually works to make an air conditioning repairs seamless and smooth. We ensure that you get the fastest service, superior quality and affordable pricing. 

For any HVAC repair needs, residential or commercial, in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale area, dial 754-245-5911 anytime 24/7.

Leading AC Repair and Service Company in Boca Raton

At D.A. Cooling Team, our team of AC repair professionals has the skills and expertise to ensure quality AC repair services worthy of a five-star review from our customers. See our Google My Business profile to look at our reviews.

If you haven’t had your AC unit checked by a professional, there’s only one thing to do. Pick up the phone right now and call the team at D.A. Cooling Team. We’re here to help make your life easier!

Why Choose D.A. Cooling Team to Fix Your AC Units? ​

We are on a mission to make sure our clients are fully satisfied. Our team of service and support technicians are fast, reliable, and honest. We stand by our work and explain what is wrong with your AC units. You’ll be sure to benefit from our:

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Fast and Reliable Service

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Upfront Pricing

cartoon of a clock to represent 24/7 service

24/7 Emergency Service

Cartoon of person and wrench to signify NATE Certified AC Technicians

NATE Certified AC Technicians

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Industry Leading Experience

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Excellent Customer Service

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Energy Saving Solutions

We offer AC repair services for almost every available brand in the market. Our technicians are licensed and insured. If your AC unit is not working correctly or just not making your home or office cool enough, reach out to us. We work on both residential and commercial AC units and serve not only Boca Raton but all around Broward County and Palm Beach County, including

  • Jupiter
  • West Palm Beach
  • Boynton Beach
  • Delray Beach
  • Boca Raton
  • Wellington
  • Deerfield Beach
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Davie
  • Hollywood Beach
map of the cities in broward and palm beach counties that Caner Air serves

AC repairs that we typically address:​

  • Clogged drain lines: When your AC drain line is clogged, it’s time to call in the experts. We’ll clear the clogged line and add specially formulated tablets to make sure any new clogs don’t form.
  • Frozen coils or pipes: Need to determine what’s causing your AC unit to freeze up? We can help. Just contact us, and we’ll send an experienced technician over right away to fix those frozen coils or pipes.
  • Not blowing cold air: Air conditioner malfunctions are not only an inconvenience but a significant health concern if temperatures soar. It is always wise to contact an HVAC professional for repairs if your AC is not blowing cold air.
  • Not blowing hot air: When your AC is not blowing hot air on the occasional cold, winter day, give us a call rather than risk damaging your unit by attempting a DIY repair.
  • Water in drip pans: When not taken care of promptly, a clogged drain pipe can cause severe mechanical problems for your AC unit. Communicating any findings to your air conditioning contractor helps. We make sure your drainpipe is clear by inspecting each part of your air conditioner.
  • Water leaking from pipes: If you notice large amounts of water or coolant leaking from your air conditioner unit, be sure to call your local HVAC contractor – D.A. Cooling Team at 754-245-5911. Your issue will be addressed quickly.
  • Musty smells and high humidity: If cold air from your AC unit is accompanied by a musty odor, you need to get help from a professional, especially if you have a lot of allergies or sensitivities. Our technicians are industry trained and certified to repair your air conditioner – no matter what the problem!
  • Mold or black substance in the AC unit: If you spot mold, especially black mold, in your air conditioner, you need to call D.A. Cooling Team in Boca Raton right away. Mold can cause serious health problems. The air conditioner spreads that mold around your house! We can clean the mold, or replace the unit, and offer the REME HALO to prevent new mold from forming. Just give us a call at 754-245-5911!
  • AC is louder than it used to be: Your AC system will naturally make some noise as it operates. If you notice that it has started to produce a much louder sound than it used to, it likely means that you need to call an AC repair expert to look at it. It could be a simple repair that you shouldn’t have to deal with.
  • AC is always running: Every unit has a cut-off system to turn off the compressor when it reaches the desired temperature. When your AC unit runs continuously, it can become costly and annoying. Your best bet is to contact a professional and let them handle the problem. It will certainly reduce your energy bills in the future.
  • Air handler has condensation on it: If you are facing an air handler sweating problem, it’s probably time to call a technician. The D.A. Cooling Team team is there to provide you quality repair services.

What to expect when working with D.A. Cooling Team?​

    • You should have high expectations of your AC repair company. Here’s what you can expect when working with us:


    • On-time, Same-day service: We offer fast repair service to restore your comfort and most of our AC repair jobs are resolved the same day.
    • Sincere and Straightforward Service: Our team of certified technicians explains what is wrong with your AC units and why it needs to be fixed.
    • Fair, Competitive Pricing: We offer fair prices that are usually lower than other AC companies. If our price is unreasonable, let us know and we’ll talk.
Daniel Caner of Caner Air Conditioning


  1. Do you offer 24-hour AC service?
    Yes! Our 24/7 emergency team is always ready to help when you need any kind of air conditioning repair services in Boca Raton and all areas around Broward County and Palm Beach County. You can anytime reach us at 754-245-5911. and get your home or business AC unit repaired immediately.
  2. Do you offer AC repair services to commercial businesses?
    Yes, we do offer AC repair services for commercial enterprises. Our team has the expertise, knowledge, and tools in handling all your AC repair concerns.
  3. How much does AC repair cost?
    We can’t give specific prices, but we’ll always give you our honest opinion and offer the best possible solution. We vow to give you reasonable and fair pricing.
  4. Are you open during the COVID-19 pandemic?
    Yes! We are available with our AC services. We are following CDC guidelines for safety & social distancing, including frequent hand washing, daily health checks, and a touchless approval process.
  5. Do you have financing?
    Yes! We offer 0% financing on new AC unit installations
  6. How do you prevent new issues after an AC repair?
    The best way to prevent new issues is with regular AC maintenance and service. D.A. Cooling Team offers preventative maintenance plans to keep your AC running efficiently and effectively when you need it most.

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