Our electrical services include:

Ceiling Fan Installation
Electrical Remodeling
Home Rewiring
Landscape Lighting
Lighting Design & Installation
Residential/Commercial Lighting
Service Panel Upgrades
Troubleshooting Electrical Issues

Equipment & Repairs

Electrical Equipment:

Residential and Commercial Generators

Electrical Repair:

Since 1996, Caner Air Conditioning and Electrical have provided South Florida with a wide variety of electrical repair services for residences and businesses. For more than two decades, we have provided unsurpassed service and offered a level of unmatched expertise. These are a few of the electrical repair services that we provide:

Broken Outlet and Switch Repair

Do you have enough power outlets? We know how frustrating it can be when there’s just not enough  Not to mention that overloaded or broken outlets, receptacles, switches and wiring can be dangerous. At Caner Air Conditioning and Electrical, our electricians specialize in electrical wiring. We can troubleshoot, repair and install electrical power outlets you need.

Electrical Code Violations

Don’t have just anyone perform an electrical installation or a repair. If you’re not qualified, you could find yourself in serious violation of local electrical codes. While you may think an electrical wiring upgrade is easy enough to do yourself, you could actually create a fire hazard if the work is not up to code. At Caner Air Conditioning and Electrical, our professional electricians can inspect your system to ensure all of its components are working properly and are up to all codes.

Damaged Wiring Repair

If your wires are damaged, your home could be at risk for an electrical fire. Instead of looking up how to do it yourself, you need to call an experienced, licensed electrician. We will explain all of the work that is necessary and will provide you with a detailed estimate. Don’t forget, we also offer preventative maintenance services.

Flickering Lights

There are three main reasons that lights dim and then go bright again: voltage drop across wires and connections, bad connections, and a bad neutral connection. The first does not mean your home is in imminent danger. However, the other two can cause a fire or result in irreparable damage to appliances and electronics. At Caner Air Conditioning and Electrical, one of our trained and reliable technicians will perform a thorough diagnostic check of your system and find the root cause of your flickering lights. Then, our experts will remedy the issue so your home is as safe as possible.

Frequent Blown Fuses or Tripped Breakers

Older Florida homes are treasured, but you should be aware of the fuses and circuit breakers if they are continually giving you problems. With all of the new technology and electronic devices we use nowadays, there is an incredible amount of stress on a home’s electrical system, which can be especially overwhelming for older systems. We can replace your outdated fuses and breakers with advanced, reliable, and safe equipment that will provide peace of mind for years to come. It is crucial that you leave it to the professionals at Caner Air Conditioning and Electrical to work on your fuses and circuit breakers that must conform to local electrical and building codes. Failure to have proper permits and inspections can cause more trouble and money than they are worth.

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