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Preparing Your Home and A/C for a Storm

Florida is the lightning capital of the world – do you know how to prepare your HVAC equipment for a storm? Don’t get caught unprepared. Our experts at Caner Air know that South Florida is no stranger to storms, and we want you to be as ready as possible. Whether you’re caught in an afternoon storm or preparing for something more serious like a hurricane, you can take precautions to keep you, your family, and your air conditioning system safe.


Did you know that an electrical surge during a storm can damage your A/C unit? Wind and rain can cause debris to get stuck in your outdoor unit and burn out the motor. Before you’re caught in the middle of the storm, turn off the power to your A/C system to prevent the potential harm caused by lightning strikes or burning out the motor.
In addition to turning off your electricity or unplugging the A/C unit, covering it with plywood or a tarp can prevent debris like branches from causing harm to your system. 


During a storm, assess the situation and ask yourself “Is there a possibility the power will go out?” If you think there is a chance, turn the temperature down a few degrees lower than usual so you can keep cool even if the power goes out. 
You need to protect the unit from storm surge, make sure everything is anchored, and watch for rising water. Not only does rising water mean that there is a potential for flooding, but water can carry debris into the unit and damage it even further. 


After the storm passes, it is extremely important NOT to turn on your A/C (if it’s a more serious storm like a hurricane). You don’t know what harm could have been done to the unit if there was debris, rising water, refrigerant leaks, or a slew of other potential problems.
Ask a professional to help! After a natural disaster or a nightmarish thunderstorm, being cautious is the only way to go. Our experts at Caner Air Conditioning are trustworthy and genuine, and we don’t want to see our neighbors struggling.
We have the skills to advise you of any air conditioning repairs or maintenance you might need before the unit is fully operational, and most importantly, safe again. So remember these tips when you’re preparing for hurricane season or a powerful storm and contact us if you need help with your A/C after the storm.